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The Emerging Civic Leaders Fellowship will provide you with the tools needed to be a leader in your community!

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Emerging Civic Leaders Program

Applications are closed for this cycle, but learn more about our programming here!

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New Voters pointed me towards great resources that led to me running my own voter registration drive. I didn’t know exactly how to get started with civic engagement, and New Voters definitely put me in the right direction… I don’t think I would have taken such an active interest to the point of doing voter engagement work in college and interning in civic engagement if it weren’t for New Voters.
Akhila Yalvigi
HArvard University 2024
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My work with New Voters impacted my school community with the Teens get the Vaccine campaign in which we spoke to students about information regarding the COVID-19 vaccine. Students would come up and ask me questions and also wanted to know the reasoning as to why I was so passionate about the cause. It truly changed the conversation in my school surrounding the topic. My time at New Voters was a period of growth for me and shaped me into the type of leader I am now.
Abigail Felan
CGSH 2022, Boston College 2026
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New Voters was the driving force behind the public affairs major I decided upon for college and ultimately the career I hope to pursue in my future. It equipped me with skills that have applied to every sector of my life from leadership to teamwork and organization to strategic planning. I am a product of my time and guidance from New Voters and I cannot imagine achieving my goals - both current and future - without it.
Vidya Patel
CHS 2020, UCLA 2024
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Our fellowship applications are closed for this cohort, but if reading this makes you as inspired as it makes us, apply to run a drive.

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