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Our Departments


The Fundraising team is critical in registering 100,000 students by the 2020 election in financing both material and administrative support. Through our current model, it takes around $1 to register and inform a student. By cultivating relationships with high net-worth individuals that take interest in supporting youth-driven engagement efforts, running crowdfunding campaigns and applying for grants, the Fundraising team raises the funds necessary to execute the projects of the other departments. From translation services for our state-specific registration toolkits to graphic design materials, this team plays a crucial role in expanding the New Voters organization on a national scale. On top of that, each team member gains valuable experience in public speaking, pitching and presenting to panels of experts, writing persuasive applications, and running the administrative side of a nonprofit organization. Fundraising is integral to any political call to action in the United States, so this department is a great way to get hands-on experience in a world where success is rooted in networking!


The Training team is responsible for developing supplemental materials for participating high schools to refer to through their voter engagement efforts. We just released our first “Voter Registration Drive In a Box” toolkit for all 50 states, which includes information about a particular state’s election laws as well as a registration drive planning guide. Through the summer, we will be working to optimize this toolkit by soliciting feedback from participating high schools. Additionally, we develop programming (agendas, slides, etc.) for training calls with partners. Our bottom-line goal is to ensure that New Voters is providing effective, accurate resources to best equip participating schools with the knowledge and information they need to succeed!


The Mentorship Department’s overarching role is to deliver the core product of New Voters: our signature college mentor to high school student mentee mentorship model. Members of this team initialize mentor recruitment phases across colleges nationwide, host mentorship training calls and create civic engagement mentor assignments to sustain our eight-week long near-to-peer mentorship program. This department also recognizes that New Voters is delivering an enriching experience and not purely programming calls and as such checks in with mentees to monitor mentor effectiveness, and tracks impact through reviewing reports submitted by participating mentees and mentors. This department also oversees the Mentor Coordinator Program which builds a vast network of mentors who feel supported in their endeavors. This department also responds to any inquiries put forth by mentors, mentees, or administrations.


To amplify the youth vote, the Outreach team will be working to establish new connections and partnerships with hundreds of high schools across the country. This will include reaching out to school administration, faculty, and students to provide resources for each high school to run civic engagement drives and events. Besides reaching new high schools, the Outreach team will also be focused on identifying and establishing leaders at the state level to oversee and organize youth voter registration efforts leading up to the 2020 election. 


The Partnerships Team focuses on reaching students by coordinating our efforts with other organizations who have similar goals. New Voters has already established partnerships with Students Demand Action, March for Our Lives Pennsylvania, High School Democrats of America, and High School Republicans of Texas. This summer the Partnerships team will focus on identifying more potential partners for new voters, and reaching out to those organizations to find ways to work together. Additionally, the Partnerships team will focus on strengthening our relationships with current partners through regular check-ins with leadership and joint projects to engage students and get out the youth vote.


The Communications Team is a crucial part of our organization that focuses on media and news coverage. Work within communications includes working on our newsletter, press releases, and working on our social media pages. Summer interns will play a huge role in getting word out about all of the things New Voters is accomplishing to help build up our organization. 


The New Voters Research Department develops strategies for New Voters through reading academic articles, interviewing members of the New Voters high school leader and mentor team, and creating fact sheets. The end goal of the research team is for each member to have a full paper written and published on some aspect of youth voter registration, specifically as it pertains to New Voters’ methods and members.