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Learn how the different departments in New Voters work together to boost youth voter registration across the country


The Operations Department aims to fulfill the New Voters Mission by training, providing, and mentoring students with the necessary skills, resources, and advice to successfully run a non-partisan voter registration drive at their high school and achieve great outcome and success. Empowering students through training and close follow-ups will allow students to make an impact on their school community by increasing youth civic engagement. Please reach out to with any questions.


The Development Department raises the funds for the organization through grants, crowdfunding and high-net-worth individuals. Additionally, the department allocates the funds, keeps track of New Voters' data insights, and works on long-term strategy objectives for the organization at large. Please reach out to with any questions.


The Communications department oversees press, the newsletter, website design, and social media content for New Voters. We are expanding our press efforts and plan to be featured in news publications across the country. These features will highlight our voter registration efforts and the impact we have had on youth civic engagement nationwide. Social media expands our reach through creative graphics and interaction with influencers and other organizations. Please reach out to with any questions.


The Policy Department is the new arm of New Voters, working towards our goal of making voting and registration more accessible through governmental change. This department is still in the development stages so when joining this team, you will have a big role in shaping the future of the department. Please reach out to with any questions.

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