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Current Initiatives

UN Youth Solutions

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The Youth Solutions Report, a flagship initiative managed by the Youth Solutions Program of the Sustainable Development Solutions Network, features 50 game-changing projects led by young people, allowing them to showcase their work, and presenting them with opportunities to draw interest from potential supporters. 

Click here to access the 2020 UN Youth Solutions Report.

Boston Votes!


Boston Votes! is a program of the Harvard Votes Challenge that is being implemented in collaboration with New Voters. Boston Votes! is dedicated to civically engaging high schools in the greater Boston area through institutional commitment from high schools and college mentorship. Our goal is to work with 100 voting schools by the end of 2020. In November 2019, Boston Votes! team members ran the inaugural Boston Votes! high school summit for 18 local high schools. Over the course of our 7 hour summit, high school students developed their plans for voter and civic engagement at their respective high schools. Following the summit, we kicked off our college mentorship program with these 18 pilot schools. 

Since the summit, Boston Votes! has forged partnerships with external organizations in the Boston area. Boston Votes! is helping the Boston Public School system implement a grant awarded from the MA Department of Elementary and Secondary Education to run voter engagement programs at all 30 high schools and will develop curriculum for these programs throughout the summer. Additionally, Boston Votes! is guiding 15 delegations from the Massachusetts YMCA’s Youth in Government program in their own voter engagement projects through college student mentorship and training.

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